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Updated: Jan 10

My name is Regina! In October of 2022 my husband Jim & I moved to the west coast of Florida from the North East. We were in need of a change as we had been empty nesters for a few years. I was ready for a new lifestyle with warm weather & sunny days. My husbands job became remote since Covid. His not having to commute from NJ to NYC daily was life changing! We had been to Sarasota four or five times over the past seven years. We fell in love with the gorgeous gulf coast beaches, Sarasota Bay, the restaurants & the Art Scene. Our youngest also goes to the University of Florida - that helped us decide on Florida vs the Carolinas. GO GATORS!

We decided to rent for now. Really get to know the area & surrounding communities. There is a lot of building going on so everything is shiny & new. We are in an area called Lakewood Ranch. A multitude of communities with continued growth & development. Every few months I hear about more communities in the works.

We have super nice neighbors, but other than that we haven’t met a ton of people yet. We have friends/family a few hours away that we get together with. People want to come visit us too, which is great! We are absolutely loving our new life & couldn’t be happier that we moved! We are loving OUR new chapter!!!

PS-we have boy girl twins that are 24....our son started work in NYC in the fall. Our daughter applying to Med School. Our youngest a senior at University of Florida. We love our trips to visit our kids. A little more about me as I blog.

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