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Teaching Moment

Updated: Jan 6

As I sit here watching the Master's on this Easter Sunday 2023, it came to me I should jot down some blog thoughts. It's cloudy & a rainy day in Florida. We have had the most spectacular weather on the Gulf Coast for months & could use some rain. My husband Jim & I miss our three kids SO MUCH but look forward to all being together in a few weeks for our nephews wedding in D.C. Our daughter is flying in from Spain (she is teaching English for 8 months in Segovia). One son has a two hour drive to the

wedding from graduate school in Virginia. Our youngest will fly up from Gainesville, Florida for the festivities. He has exams at the time of the wedding & initially wasn't going to attend. The idea of traveling during exams was too much for him. So as not to stress him out & put pressure on him....we let it go!

My husband & I talked, thought & pondered his missing this VERY EXCITING family event & his cousins nuptials. We decided it was time to coordinate & jump through hoops to get him a flight, so he would not miss our first family wedding (on my side). We adore out nephew & his fiancee! We are counting down the days until the "big day" April 29th. We decided it was a very important teachable moment. Our son, although in middle of his college exams, might ultimately be sad & feel guilty for missing this fun, special, family event. Being there with & for family is SO important. Something my parents deeply instilled in my sister, brother & I. The travel hassles clearly outweigh the regrets of not attending ~ even in the midst of junior year college engineering exams. Selfishly I cannot wait for the five of us to all be together again. Happy Sunday & Happy Easter!

~ Regina ~

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